Boys, grades 8-12

Thursday night after Family Activity Center closes This program allows the participants to come play organized pickup basketball games with friends as well as with positive, older male role models. Youth Basketball Outreach exists to increase overall basketball skills, teamwork abilities, and create relationships between the adults and students to ultimately lead them to Christ or assist in their faith walk.

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Christian Education For Girls & Boys
Grades Pre-K(age 4) - Kindergarten.

The Moonbeam program is to help boys and girls develop social and communication habits with artistic flare and giftedness.

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For Girls
Grades 1-5

Girls learn about themselves and their expanding worlds through a variety of experiences including camping, music, games, activities, crafts, and trips into the community.

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For Young WomenGrades 6-8
Meets once a week

Girl Guards focuses on four aspects of personal growth: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Social. The Girl focus on these goals by earning emblems within various areas of interest.

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For Boys
Explorers (Grades 1-4), Rangers (Grade 5+)

This scouting-style program gives boys the opportunity to earn emblems while participating in a variety of fun, character-building activities.

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For an underprivileged child who has only known the blare of car horns and concrete under their feet, nights by the campfire with the stars gleaming above are a whole new experience. For a single, hurried mother, time in the pool and cabin devotions allow her time to slow down and bond with her children. And for older adults, camp offers the chance to return to carefree, independent days while engaging in some much-needed companionship. Camp ministers to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, no matter the age of the camper.

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